The Cheney Place is a warehouse for those who can't wait to design their "urban meets vintage meets modern" event. Our building will woo you with its polished concrete and original hardwood floors, its frosted warehouse windows, and it's turn of the century freight elevator. The open format and crazy flexible space screams of possibility. And we just happen to host the area's largest collection of vintage furniture rentals onsite to make design a whole lot easier.

We love old buildings. And we love great design. But what we really love is pulling it all together to help you create an amazing event. Here's some of the events we've hosted recently as well as some shots of our space.

  • The staff was great to work with and consistently put my detail-oriented brain at ease. They responded quickly and had the place set up exactly how I imagined it (actually, better!).
    Kendra, May 2014
  • If I could kiss those floors, I would.
    Megan M.
  • You kept everything running so smoothly. I had no worries... totally not like me!!
    SAMANTHA, OCT 2014


We've got 20,000-ish square feet that we can slice and dice however you need for up to 350 people. Free onsite parking. Tables. Chairs. A sweet lounge styled with eclectic vintage furnishings. And oh so much more. Plus a huge warehouse stocked full of antique chandeliers and furniture ready to roll. For more information, click on one of the links below to dive in. Or, scratch that and contact us anytime. We'd love to give you the guided tour because social is way more fun.

Forest Cheney invented "The Cheney Talking Machine" (a handcrank phonograph) in 1914 because he believed great design could make music sound better.

Well played, Sir. Well played. Design has a way like that.